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Extreme Nose Rocker

The Caballitos de Tatora is an ancient Peruvian fishing and surfing boat. The hull is constructed out of thousands reeds tied together. The reeds are bundled and form a round bow. The front end is bent to give, extreme nose rocker. Unlike a flat surfboard or toboggan (featured below), the hull will ride through a shallow pearl. The Caballitos de Tatora is extremely difficult to control, but; the round bow pushes water aside and keeps moving.

Nose rocker must be balanced. Too little nose rocker, will cause the tip to submerge. Too much nose rocker, will cause a flat bow to stop the board. A toboggan is built with extreme forward lift and a flat bottom. The front actually curls back in a loop. You would not expect it to catch like a pearl. The flat bottom actually slows the board. In this phase, the flat bottom is not the fastest design.

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