Costco Wave Storm for Christmas, Flexible Soft Top Surfboard Performs Well in a Poke at Jaws, Not?

Nakoa Decoite rides a soft top at Jaws. Flexible rocker saves a poke. This is a good lesson in surfboard design. Flex displaces water. Nakoa Decoite hits chop, his weight pushes the board down and bends the nose upward. Simultaneously a splash or bow wave is generated, and shoots spray upward. A normal surfboard with a flat bottom would normally decelerate and launch the rider at this point. Hard impact of a standard surfboard bow on water, produces an abrupt stop and a rider cannot remain on his feet. Nakoa is completely engulfed by spray, as a lot of water is displaced by the speeding board. This is water which is pushed out of Nakoa's path. Like a mattress bending on a box spring

An Epic Ride Viewed from Kai's Go Pro WSL Peahi Challenge/ The Bow Wave

Revisiting an epic ride. Kai Lenny and Ryan Hipwood take off together under the lip in the WSL Peahi Challenge Final, for an exciting and daring escapade. Fluid Dynamics A vessel moves in water by moving or displacing water. Surfers create waves when they ride waves. At lower speeds they generate a trailing wave, well as a forward wake or bow wave. As speed increases the bow rises and the forward wake dissipates. The trailing wake is usually very visible as a trail of spray. Forward wakes are rarely visible in surfing, because water contact occurs under the board, at the bow. Spray from the bow wave is sometimes visible and indicated by red arrows. Wave Making Resistance: The Bow Wav

The Final Poke Part V/Danger Lurks

A nose poke is very dangerous, a surfer is vulnerable to serious injury when he is catapulted down the face of a steep large wave. In large surf, risks include long hold downs and drowning. Escaping a poke and surviving a big steep air drop clinging by your toes, then shooting out of a deep pit with powerful spray at your back, is a joy of surfing. This and many other joys drive surfers to seek more thrills and bigger waves. These experiences shared with friends are life time memories. The worst memories are losing friends or any fellow surfer who share the passion, commitment and love for the sport. Let's take a moment to remember those who are no longer with us, as a tribute to all.

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