In Dangerous Dives, Hydrodynamic Force Stops Ships, Boats, and Surfboards

In the following video, surfers bravely battle strong off shore wind and steep lurching cavernous waves at Mavericks. All make daring attempts to set their fins into tall cylindrical walls held up by strong gusts. The brisk wind holds surfers back, delaying their entry until they are in-flight to a dark abyss. A few are successful, but; many free fall and land flat on the wave face. They hit water hard with the surfboard flat underside, on unforgiving cold water that will not cushion impact. The force of their landing generates hydro-dynamic resistance which stops the surfboard and catapults the surfer. Boats and ships riding an ocean swell may encounter a very similar and dangerous co

Momentum on the Following Sea

Riding on the crest of a wave, a quintessential surfer glides on water propelled by nature's energy. He smoothly slips into a steep surging swell as it transforms into a cavernous vortex. Effortlessly he turns across its emerald glistening surface. His ride is seamless as he maneuvers around and through powerful steep lurching sections without loss of momentum.​ Evolution and Modern Surfing Evolution changed surfing forever, gone are seamless flowing rides. A quintessential or traditional surfer differs from a modern surfer. A modern surfer flies through the air, sometimes high above the wave. He flies down the wave and lands tail first, following with a spinning turn after recovery. Fli

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