A Tie in the Rip Curl Meo Pro Portugal Forces Elimination/Science Answers

Kolohe surfed well and optimized his performance on both waves of this 3rd round heat, in the WSL MEO Pro Portugal. Kolohe's second ride appeared seamless. Commentators noted a slight loss of speed and control following the first big turn. With a blink, it is easy to miss the loss of fluidity or flow. The criteria judges use to award points are speed, power and flow. Speed and power are evident in Kolohe's ride, but; points were lost on flow. Kolohe breaks his tail free and launches his board off the lip, into the air. He flies above the surface and lands on bottom of the wave. Kolohe completes a hard landing on the bow of his board or the underside of the rocker bend. The board deceler

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