Speed + Water = Resistance

Water is adhesive, it sticks to things. Water sticks to almost anything. More specifically for ocean enthusiasts, it sticks to ships, boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and surfboards. Water adhering to a vessel's surface is drag. This is visible as turbulence. Water attached to a surfboard moves independently of surrounding water molecules and generates resistance wakes or waves and spray. Water is cohesive, it bonds to itself. Inter molecular hydrogen bonding, holds water together. Bonding of water molecules leaves little space between molecules. Without space, molecules cannot be compacted or squeezed together. Water molecules push back when high force is applied. Water can be easi

Diminishing Returns

Nose rocker aids performance, by keeping the surfboard from diving underwater. As a board moves faster, it generates gravity force. This force produces resistance when a flat bow impacts water. The bow is the underside of surfboard, where the nose rocker bends. The bow becomes a landing pad when a surfboard free falls. The more nose rocker the board has, the more bow is exposed to water impact. Niccolo almost makes this wave, but his nose underside meets fast rising water. There is a limit to the amount of nose rocker a board can have. The limit is governed by gravity force, which is a function of speed and weight. Gravity force can be calculated using an incline plane, with trigonome

Surfboard Nose Rocker May Inhibit Wave Entry

High nose rocker may inhibit a take off or getting on a wave. Nose rocker creates a bow on the surfboard's underside. The bow is a bottom bend which protrudes into the water, at the start of a ride. The bow pushes water creating a bow wave. Water is moving rapidly up the face of the wave, increasing drag. The result may end with the surfer missing the wave. A more serious consequence, ends with the surfer getting stuck on the lip. Wind moving up the wave face also slows the board. Additional weight can help penetrate the gusts. The boards slow as the bow pushes water and wind holds the board back.. The swell passes under the board. The rider appears to move backwards, as the wave m

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