Dusty Payne's Horrific Accident, Bernoulli's Principle

Prayers of healing to the Payne family. Water and air have similar properties. Bernoulli's principle originated in hydro dynamics and is used to explain flight. Pressure under an aircraft wing is greater than pressure over a wing, creating lift at the right speed. A speeding surfboard planes on the surface. Water hydro dynamically lifts a surfboard with speed. Speed creates higher pressure under the board so it planes on the surface. Modern surfing has introduced flight. Air drops are very common in modern surfing. The surfboard is like a wing. The bottom of a surfboard is flat from side to side. The exception may be in the tail area where vee's or concaves may be added. A flat sec

Approaching Terminal Velocity, Water Will Not Compress

Water resists compression. Water is difficult to compress because of inter molecular hydrogen bonding. This is known as cohesion. Bonding of water molecules leaves little space between molecules. Without space, molecules cannot be compacted or squeezed together. Water molecules push back when high force is applied. When someone falls in water, they displace water by pushing it aside. As the person sinks, water moves out of his path. Sink rate or descent speed gradually decreases to zero. Water displacement cushions the fall. Water is displaced and not really compressed. in a fall with lower impact and lower descent speed, water is displaced by the gravitational force of the person'

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