Riley is Recovering from his Injury at Pipe

In response to many inquiries, Riley Morgan is recovering from his horrific wipe out in the Volcom Pipe Pro. He landed on the wave face with such tremendous force, that he compressed four intervertebral discs which caused slight fractures. Riley wears a small back brace and is recovering, according to his father. Sending best wishes and prayers. Riley's injury was similar to Andrew Cotton's at Nazarre. In the following video Ross Clarke Jones explains what happened. When you fall into water from low heights, water cushions you and absorbs your energy. Your body pushes water out of your path and energy is transferred to water in the form of waves. You generate waves, slowing and desce

Horrific Wipeout in the Pipe Pro

Many injuries are not reported in surfing. Serious accidents often go unnoticed and many valiant efforts are never acknowledged. Often surfers live with their pain without really understanding what caused their injury. Wipe outs can bring awareness to small problems which we can fix, to avoid future catastrophes. I learned of Riley Morgan's mishap from a posting by his father. I was concerned and watched the heat on YouTube. Riley Morgan charged in his round 2 heat, taking on the steepest and largest waves of his heat. A few small glitches in his surfboard turned potentially high scoring rides into disasters. Riley completes the drop in the wave below, but; the underside of his surfboar

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